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VR Video: Convergence – A Journey of Chinese Dance and Martial Arts

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《凝──武蹈行旅》以虛擬實境(VR)影像,帶觀眾探視香港舞蹈團舞作《凝》的創作旅程,濃縮展現箇中獨特肢體語言的提煉經過。15分鐘短片中,舞者遊走於中國舞蹈與南方武術之間,呈現出結合兩者的形與神之美。觀眾戴上VR眼鏡,配合VR影像裡360度的多元視覺效果、沉浸式體驗和動作捕捉技術(Motion Capture),以嶄新視角觀賞舞者的演繹,猶如穿梭於動與靜、虛與實之間,親身感受令人屏息的力量流轉和感官衝擊。

Moving between the real and the imaginary, Hong Kong Dance Company’s 15-minute virtual reality video Convergence – A Journey of Chinese Dance and Martial Arts is an other-wordly record of a three-year exploration into the movements, gestures and practices of the two art forms. Presented alongside HKDC’s new dance production Convergence it creates a vibrant multi-perspective, immersive experience that integrates actual physical movements with 360° panoramic VR effects and motion capture technology, and offers viewers an unusual up-close glimpse into the world of traditional martial arts and dance. Please note that audiences need to wear VR headsets to view the video.

【Ticketing arrangements for the cancellation of the event
  VR Video: Convergence - A Journey of Chinese Dance & Martial Arts


1️⃣   透過Art-mate及香港舞蹈團購票的觀衆




2️⃣   透過西九文化區購票的觀衆
🔔 以信用卡購票之人士


🔔 以現金/八達通購票之人士

*票務熱線(852)2200 0022及戲曲中心票務處的辦公時間現更改為每日上午10時至晚上8時,自由空間票務處暫時停止服務。如有任何更改則會於西九文化區網站 ( 公布。我們建議閣下可於前往戲曲中心前致電確認當天的辦公時間。如有任何查詢,請致電西九文化區票務熱線(852)2200 0022或電郵至

不便之處,懇請見諒。再次感謝您對香港舞蹈團的支持。有關節目查詢,請電郵至 或致電3103 1819(辦公時間:星期一至五上午10時至下午6時)。

In light of the current situation, VR Video: Convergence - A Journey of Chinese Dance & Martial Arts due to take place from 8-13 December 2020 at Freespace has been cancelled. Ticket holders are entitled to a full refund subject to the following procedure:

1️⃣   Tickets Booked via Art-mate / Hong Kong Dance Company
Ticket holders should retain their tickets and they will be notified individually by phone with refund details soon. Audience may fill in an online form to request a refund.
Learn more and fill in the form:


2️⃣   Tickets Booked via West Kowloon Ticketing
🔔 Tickets Purchased by Credit Card:

A full refund will be automatically deposited to the same credit card account. Refunds by credit card will be made within 8 weeks from 16 December 2020. No refunds in either cash or cheque will be made for tickets purchased by credit card.


🔔 Tickets Purchased by Cash / Octopus:
Please present the physical ticket(s) at the Xiqu Centre Ticket Office during business hours* for the period between 16 December 2020 and 28 February 2021 to process a refund. Cash refunds will be made at the Xiqu Centre Ticket Office upon submission of a completed Refund Request Form with matched ticket(s). The ticket holder must sign to acknowledge receipt of the refund.
*The office hours of WKCD Ticketing Hotline (852) 2200 0022 and Xiqu Centre Ticket Office are now changed to 10am to 8pm daily, Freespace Ticket Office is temporarily closed. Any special opening arrangements will be available on WKCD website( You may also telephone ahead of your visit to confirm opening times. For further ticketing enquiries, please call (852) 2200 0022, or e-mail WKCD at


We apologise for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding and continued support. If you have any enquiries, please contact us at or at 3103 1819 (Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm).

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