VR Video: Convergence – A Journey of Chinese Dance and Martial Arts

《凝──武蹈行旅》以虛擬實境(VR)影像,帶觀眾探視香港舞蹈團舞作《凝》的創作旅程,濃縮展現箇中獨特肢體語言的提煉經過。15分鐘短片中,舞者遊走於中國舞蹈與南方武術之間,呈現出結合兩者的形與神之美。觀眾戴上VR眼鏡,配合VR影像裡360度的多元視覺效果、沉浸式體驗和動作捕捉技術(Motion Capture),以嶄新視角觀賞舞者的演繹,猶如穿梭於動與靜、虛與實之間,親身感受令人屏息的力量流轉和感官衝擊。

Moving between the real and the imaginary, Hong Kong Dance Company’s 15-minute virtual reality video Convergence – A Journey of Chinese Dance and Martial Arts is an other-wordly record of a three-year exploration into the movements, gestures and practices of the two art forms. Presented alongside HKDC’s new dance production Convergence it creates a vibrant multi-perspective, immersive experience that integrates actual physical movements with 360° panoramic VR effects and motion capture technology, and offers viewers an unusual up-close glimpse into the world of traditional martial arts and dance. Please note that audiences need to wear VR headsets to view the video.

​詳情  Details

8-10.12.2020 (二Tue - 四 Thur) 下午5 pm 至 晚上9:30 pm
11.12.2020      (五Fri)                    下午5 pm至 晚上10:30 pm
12-13.12.2020(六Sat - 日 Sun)    下午2pm 至 晚上10:30 pm

地點 Venue:西九文化區藝術公園自由空間盒仔

The Studio, Freespace, Art Park, West Kowloon Cultural District

門票 Tickets:$30

每節長約30分鐘 Sessions run every 30 minutes (VR影像長約15分鐘 Video length is approximately 15 minutes.)

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