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舞 X 武劇場《凝》




Chinese Dance X Martial Arts — “Convergence”
Infinity of Movement and Stillness

Convergence, is a culminating work created through an interdisciplinary research study on both Chinese dance and Chinese martial arts traditions.

In Hong Kong Dance Company's three-year-long study, its artists have explored the essence of both traditional practices, extracting new perspectives on movement and the fluidity of expression between ideology and physical gesture. Convergence brings these discoveries together, capturing the transient between stillness and motion, tranquillity and exuberance; all that one may find through the synergy of dance and martial arts.

​演出詳情  Programme Details

網上首演 Online Premiere                      18.10.2020 (日 SUN)

限時播放日期 On-demand viewing       19 - 24.10.2020 ( 一 Mon - 六Sat)

票價 Ticket Price                                       HK$80 


  節目及票務查詢  Programme & Ticketing Enquiries: 3103 1819 

項目策劃及研究  Project Planning & Research

項目總監  Project Director
崔德煒   Tsui Tak-wai

項目經理  Project Manager
葉翠雅   Carolyn Yip 

​創作團隊  Artistic Team

概念/編舞/舞者  Concept/Choreographer/Dancer   
楊雲濤   Yang Yuntao 

作曲/音樂總監/音響設計  Composer/Music Director/Sound Designer 
葉破   Paul Yip 

佈景及燈光設計 Set & Lighting Designer  
李智偉   Lee Chi-wai 

數碼影像設計 Digital Image Designer 
成博民   Oliver Shing  

舞者/聯合編舞 Dancers/Co-choreographers 
黃    磊   Huang Lei

何皓斐   Ho Ho-fei

廖慧儀   Liu Wai-yee

侯叙臣   Hou Xuchen

王志昇   Ong Tze-shen

潘正桓   Pan Zhenghuan

周若芸   Chou Jo-yun 

​吳嘉玲   Ng Ka Ling


Programme duration is approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes without intermission


Suitable for ages 6 or above


Hong Kong Dance Company reserves the rights to change programme details and substitute artists

合辦  Co-presented by

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武術指導及伙伴  Martial Arts Adviser and Partner

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宣傳伙伴  Promotion Partner

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